CTS Program

Navigating work, life, and the adult world all adds up to a lot more than clocking in and collecting that first paycheck. VIA’s sessions highlight workplace and intrapersonal intelligence, building decision-making muscle and empowering learners with the human skills they need to succeed.

Throughout each session, our professional partners deliver practical exercises, group discussions, and hands-on activities to support lasting impact on each and every student.

Armed with these active lessons and powered by real-life insights, students leave the program with rich experience designed to fill in the gaps between school and work: all powered directly by our vibrant community.

The Pathway to
Being a Pro

Building Your Image

Who are you, really?

Cultivating professional agility and a workplace savvy image in the digital age: it’s more complicated than it’s ever been. The Building Your Image seminar dives into the details, highlighting key elements of what a strong, authentic image means and how to build one.

  • Real-life business skills training and professional event panels
  • Foster self esteem, authenticity, and decision-making skills
  • Unlock and navigate modern social environments with confidence

Session Features:

  • Understanding Personal Image
  • Building a Positive Self Image
  • Effective Communication and Social Skills
  • Personal Branding and Online Presence
  • Style, Grooming, and Body Language

Let’s Talk About It: Crafting Professional Communication

Navigating Communication and Decision Making

Communicating – it’s critical.

From customer service to flair on the phone, getting your message across is key to success in any (and every!) workplace. The seminar in Navigating Communication and Decision Making explores the strategies and soft skills that will empower students in professional conversations, conflict management, and building rapport from day one.

  • Delve into foundational skills like listening, empathy, and decision-making
  • Unpack challenges: communication barriers, tense situations, and conflict
  • Create context and understanding around remote collaboration and virtual spaces

Session Features:

  • The Foundations of Effective Communication
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Communication
  • Decision-Making Strategies
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Applying Communication and Decision-Making Skills in the Digital Age

“The Hart District truly values our partnership with VIA and especially the Connecting to Success Program. This program provides an opportunity for every student in the Hart District to connect with business leaders in our community as they learn about skills needed to succeed in the workforce and experience hands on learning for career success.”
– Dr. Cherise Moore, Board Member, William S. Hart Union High School District

Taking It All to
the Bank

Money Smarts

Everybody wants to get paid, right?

The Money Smarts seminar lays the foundation for what strong financial decisions look like, and how they set the stage for lasting success – even from the first paycheck. A focus on practical knowledge and skills – think budgeting, saving, investing – forms a core understanding of personal money management and financial empowerment.

  • Build a positive mindset towards money and responsible financial strategies
  • Highlight decision-making and ways to take control of credit, debt, and investments
  • Safeguard against potential financial pitfalls and create understanding of risk

Session Features:

  • The Importance of Financial Literacy
  • Budgeting and Spending Wisely
  • Saving and Investing
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Planning for the Future

Meet the

Industry Expert Panels

Real answers, real questions.

Forget a workforce trained on endless YouTube playlists – VIA Industry Expert panels present authentic, industry-tested insights directly from our professional insiders. Students see what it’s like to truly make a difference – and even have the chance to take a page from your playbook.

Are you interested in being an Industry Expert?