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In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, education extends far beyond the classroom walls. It’s about embracing hands-on opportunities, gaining insights from seasoned professionals, and charting a course toward your dream career. Our mentorship, job shadow, internship, and apprenticeship programs offer a gateway to unparalleled growth and development. These programs provide a stepping stone to success.

Goals, Interests, and

Mentor Program

After completing Connecting to Success, high school students can continue their growth by working with a mentor business leader in the SCV to further refine their skills and aspirations before graduation. This mentorship would involve meetings where the student and mentor discuss the student’s goals, interests, and challenges. The mentor provides personalized guidance, helping the student develop a clear path for their academic and career pursuits. They might collaborate on refining study habits, exploring potential career choices, and setting short- and long-term objectives. The mentor also offers insights into the real-world application of skills and provides networking opportunities, potentially even assisting with internships or projects. This post-program mentorship ensures the student maximizes the benefits of their initial program experience and navigates their educational and professional journey with confidence and clarity.

“We’ve been part of Connecting to Success for many years and I’ve seen first-hand how this program impacts students’ understanding of future education and career decisions. The break-out sessions feature local industry leaders who share their expertise in a variety of fields. This year’s program will be expanded to include career choices that can be pursued without the need (and cost) of higher education. I strongly recommend this annual event to all students as they start to think ahead about their future plans.”
Steve Youlios, Owner, Jersey Mikes.

Gain Practical Insights Into Your Chosen Career

Job Shadow Program

Engaging in a job shadow program after completing the Connecting to Success program offers high school students a valuable opportunity to gain practical insights into their chosen career paths. Through this program, students can spend a day or more observing professionals in their desired fields, witnessing firsthand the daily tasks, challenges, and responsibilities of those roles. This experience allows students to connect knowledge gained in the Connecting to Success program with real-world applications, helping them make more informed decisions about their future education and career choices. It’s a powerful way to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the professional world, fostering a deeper understanding of their aspirations and the steps needed to achieve them before they graduate.

Immersive and Hands-on Learning Experience

Internship Program

Participating in an internship program after Connecting to Success provides high school students with an immersive and hands-on learning experience in their chosen fields. Internships allow students to work within actual professional settings, applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the Connecting to Success program to real-world scenarios. Through meaningful tasks, projects, and interactions with professionals, students gain practical insights, build a network, and develop crucial workplace skills. This hands-on exposure not only enhances their understanding of their chosen career paths but also equips them with a competitive edge as they approach graduation and embark on their educational and professional journeys.

Unique and Comprehensive Learning Opportunity

Apprenticeship Program

Participating in an apprenticeship program following the completion of Connecting to Success offers high school students a unique and comprehensive learning opportunity as they approach graduation. After the initial program, students interested in a specific trade or profession can explore apprenticeships by seeking guidance from mentors, teachers, or program coordinators. Apprenticeships allow students to work under the guidance of experienced professionals, gaining hands-on experience while also receiving structured training. This combination of practical work and formal education helps students develop a deep understanding of their chosen field, acquire essential skills, and build a solid foundation for their careers. Through mentorship, observation, and active participation, students can transition smoothly from the classroom to the workplace, preparing them for a successful future before they graduate.