July VIA Luncheon: Whittaker-Bermite – What’s Next

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Whittaker-Bermite – What’s Next?
The Property. The Clean-Up. The Entitlements.

Located in the center of the City of Santa Clarita lies Whittaker-Bermite, an undeveloped 996-acre site. This former munition testing and manufacturing site has contamination issues and complexity of property ownership. However, the financial responsibility for site cleanup continues to remain with the Whittaker Corporation and their successors.  The site clean-up is under the supervision of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).
In May 1995, the Santa Clarita City Council approved the Porta Bella Specific Plan and accompanying Development Agreement, creating vested land use entitlements on the property.  These entitlements allow for the development of 1,244 single family residential units and 1,667 multi-family residential units, as well as 96 acres of commercial and business/office park uses.  The Specific Plan also envisions 407 acres of open space and 42 acres of recreational uses.
One objective of the City of Santa Clarita is to ensure that whatever is ultimately developed on the site is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods and will provide employment and economic benefit to the community as a whole. Check out the SCVTV video above to learn from those closest to the project what lies ahead for our City’s central area.

Eric Lardiere
President, Whittaker Corporation
Hassan Amini
Vice President Principal Hydrogeologist
GSI Environmental Inc.
Jose Diaz
Senior Scientist-Project Manager
Site Mitigation and Restoration Program
Southern California DTSC