One School.
35000+ Students Later.

Developed in response to a 2002 CEO Forum hosted by the Valley Industrial Association (VIA), the “Connecting to Success” program unites Santa Clarita Valley leaders from all industries to deliver a career launchpad in a one-day session.

Launched in 2003, the one-day CTS workshop offers in person opportunities such as internships, mentorships, and job shadows, and gives SCV juniors the technical, academic, and interpersonal skills they need to gain a competitive advantage and be opportunity ready in the workplace — an environment they will enter in just a few years.

Using a highly interactive approach, these volunteer facilitators lead students through a dynamic set of exercises and discussion groups focused on three important topics: Building Your Image, Navigating Communication and Decision Making and Money Smarts.

The 2003 Connecting to Success program involved the entire junior class at one local high school, with 750 students in attendance. Each year, the program has expanded in the sheer number of participating students and the demand from other Santa Clarita Valley high schools to be included in the program.

Now in its 20th year, over 35,0000 students from seven high schools have participated in the program. The Valley Industrial Association’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every high school junior within the Santa Clarita Valley experiences the Connecting to Success program. The entire cost of the Santa Clarita Valley program is covered through local support garnered by the VIA Education Foundation, a 501C3.

“I fully support the work being done by the Valley Industry Association to ready our future workforce. VIA’s Connecting to Success lights the path toward personal and professional growth, offering a multitude of benefits that ripple through students, communities, and industries. By nurturing self-discovery, honing critical skills, and fostering invaluable connections, this program not only unlocks doors to opportunity but also ignites a spark that propels students toward their fullest potential. From empowering confident leaders to cultivating a diverse and talented workforce, VIA Connecting to Success paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.”
– Jason Gibbs, Mayor, Santa Clarita

Be a Part of the Solution.

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