Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce – Today
The path starts here – and leads everywhere.

Do you remember your first day of work?

For today’s students, the space between school and the workplace feels huge. From personal finances to coping with customer complaints and yes, even the meeting with their first boss – it’s just not covered in class.

From our own workplaces, the need became even more clear: students arrived on the job ready to work, but without the skills to succeed.

VIA Chose Action.

Over the last 20 years, what began as an educational program at a single high school has grown into an innovative, one-of-a-kind program for the entire Santa Clarita Valley. It’s our goal to give every high school junior the launchpad they need to chase their dream.

Real World Skills,
Powered by Professionals

35,000+ Students and counting

We started with just one high school. Today, CTS welcomes every junior in the region to learn and grow with our vibrant group of professionals.

  • Real-life business skills training and professional event panels
  • Internships, mentorships, and job shadow  opportunities in the community
  • A robust, ongoing event calendar driven by  engaged partners

Connecting to Success: one day, lasting opportunities.

CTS Leads Everywhere

VIA’s innovative, business-driven simulation delivers a complete career launchpad to students. Whatever their goal, the path starts here.

  • Skill-building sessions driven by real workplace challenges.
  • Valuable social capital packed into conversations and Q&As
  • Work-based learning to kick off every career journey.

“I am proud to have helped the Valley Industry Association (VIA) secure $675,000 in community project funding for their ‘Connecting to Success’ program. This funding will go towards training thousands of students in the Santa Clarita Valley to develop their skills and workforce preparation, and to connect these students with potential employers. Work like this that VIA does is a large part of the reason why so many of our students are finding success upon graduation, securing good-paying jobs, and continuing to bless our community by settling down in the Santa Clarita Valley to raise a family and live a meaningful life.”
– Congressman Mike Garcia, California’s 27th District

It all starts here –
and you can join us.

Be a part of the solution

Every career journey is different, but they all begin the same way: with the first step. Internships, mentorships, and job shadowing opportunities help students take their first leap beyond the classroom – and land on their feet.

  • Internship Connections
  • Job Shadowing Program
  • Mentor Program
  • CTS Facilitator
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Always making more possible.

The program grows every year. From curriculum innovations to an ever-richer event calendar, the one-day CTS program laid the foundation for an ecosystem of support for students – all thanks to our committed professional community.

Whether you can join as a mentor, a speaker, or a sponsor, know that your action creates lasting possibilities.