Be a part of something great.

Joining a committee at the Valley Industry Association is more than participation—it’s a direct pathway to actively shape the future of Santa Clarita’s business landscape. Engage with like-minded individuals, your expertise, and play a pivotal role in driving positive change, fostering connections, and advancing the collective interests of the community. Your involvement in a VIA committee is a powerful investment in both personal and professional growth, amplifying your impact within the Santa Clarita Valley.


Vice Chair: J.C. Burnett, Courier-Messenger, Inc.
Co-Chair: Beau Goodrick, Owen, Patterson & Owen

The VIA Advocacy Committee, comprised of dedicated individuals committed to positive change in Santa Clarita, tackles key issues impacting businesses and residents in the area. From navigating regulatory issues to advocating for policies promoting economic growth, the committee plays a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant community. In addition to staying informed and engaging in in-depth research, the committee actively participates in the legislative process to ensure the voices of stakeholders are heard. Responsible for producing the VIA CEO Forum, the committee champions innovative solutions that contribute to the overall well-being of the community, addressing transportation challenges, business taxes, water allocation, and other workforce-related concerns.


Vice Chair: Sue Tweddell, Primerica
Co-Chair: Melissa Curtis, Logix Federal Credit Union

The VIA Education Committee spearheads VIA’s educational endeavors, offering programs tailored to both the professional development of business members and the preparation of the future workforce in the Santa Clarita Valley. Notably, the committee orchestrates VIA Connecting to Success annually, a groundbreaking initiative offered to students of the William S. Hart Union Hart School District and beyond. This program equips students with essential professional skills like communication, workplace ethics, and financial literacy delivered by local business leaders. With over 3000 students benefiting from this unique training each year, VIA Connecting to Success stands as a pioneering workforce readiness program, setting a benchmark for educational collaboration in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.

VIA Bash

Committee Chair: Hillary Broadwater, QM Design Group

The VIA Bash is a highly recognized event that combines exceptional entertainment with the acknowledgment of excellence, offeriing awards of distinction to VIA members while also serving as a vital fundraiser for the VIA Connecting to Success Program. As VIA’s premier black-tie event, the Bash not only celebrates the achievements of its members but also contributes significantly to the empowerment of future workforce generations through the funding of essential programs. This gala represents great recognition and support within the Santa Clarita Valley community, embodying VIA’s commitment to both honoring success and investing in our future workforce.

“VIA has been an integral part in the growth of my business. QM Design Group has been built on our local relationships and VIA shares our commitment to supporting business growth here in our valley. I consider my membership an investment in our long-term success.”

— Hillary Broadwater, Owner QM Design Group


Committee Chair: Scott Wilk, Jr., TWFG Insurance
Vice Chair: David Cantrell, Solarverse

The VIA Membership Committee serves as the driving force behind VIA’s membership growth and retention efforts, collaborating closely with the Events Committee to achieve VIA’s annual membership goals. Through strategic planning and coordination, the committee works diligently to attract new members while ensuring the satisfaction and engagement of current ones. With a steadfast commitment to cultivating strong relationships and expanding VIA’s membership base, the Membership Committee plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission and ensuring its continued success.


Vice Chair: Kim Kurowski, A-1 Party

The VIA Events Committee is dedicated to crafting, organizing, and executing both new and existing events for VIA while aligning with the organization’s mission to foster community engagement and professional development within the Santa Clarita Valley. Along with coordination of VIA After Five events, the committee also takes on the responsibility of securing speakers for each of VIA’s monthly luncheons throughout the year. In tandem with the Membership Committee, the Events Committee collaborates closely to ensure that these events not only provide valuable networking opportunities but also contribute to the growth and retention of VIA’s membership base.


Committee Chair: Jill Mellady, Mellady Direct Marketing
Vice Chair: Hillary Broadwater, QM Design Group

The VIA Marketing Committee serves as the strategic powerhouse behind VIA’s outreach efforts, devising comprehensive strategies that align with the organization’s annual initiatives while effectively communicating the value of VIA to both its members and the broader business community. By generating compelling content that resonates with diverse stakeholders, the committee ensures that VIA’s message is not only heard but also embraced. The Marketing Committee also acts as a steward of the VIA brand, empowering others to serve as brand ambassadors and providing support services to other VIA committees. Through their multifaceted approach, they play a vital role in elevating VIA’s visibility, fostering engagement, and driving the organization’s mission forward.

Workforce Development Conference

Vice Chair: Ed Masterson, Michael Elliott & Associates
Co-Chair: Hillary Broadwater, QM Design Group

The VIA Workforce Development Committee takes on the crucial task of spearheading the planning and execution of the conference, showcasing their dedication to shaping the future workforce landscape in the Santa Clarita Valley. With a keen focus on addressing the evolving needs of businesses and preparing individuals for success in the workforce, this committee organizes every aspect of the conference to ensure its effectiveness in fostering professional growth and development. Through strategic collaboration and innovative programming, the Workforce Development Committee empowers attendees with the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive markets, making significant strides towards building a skilled and resilient workforce for the region.