Building from the past legacy, to move into the future, the theme for this upcoming year of VIA will be “Building Bridges”

It’s a year to build on the tremendous momentum created from the change implemented over the past few years.

A bridge is a beautiful metaphor. A bridge always links two ends, two opposed sides, a bridge between people enables the passage of ideas. A bridge helps to overcome obstacles such as wide valleys. A bridge establishes new relationships and has the power to profoundly change situations. However, a bridge is sometimes a scary construction: Trust is needed to step on it and cross over. But a missing bridge is definitely an obstacle to development. We will build bridges with purpose, and where possible direct our efforts into strengthening and even crossing the bridges established by others in order to develop relationships that will make a positive difference to our business members and our community.

Whether collaborating with CEOs and business owners to address common business/community issues and developing solutions, being a voice in our city and state government on behalf of our Community, Government and Nonprofit Organizations, building alliances with business partners and community groups to bring education through outstanding programs and unsurpassed service to our members or simply connecting businesses that could be a strategic partners, VIA will work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our members and our organization. Strong, healthy and authentic business relationships have always been and will always be an important pillar in the success of this organization.

Healthy relationships– are necessary for personal success. Good relationships offer understanding when you fail, confidence when you’re in doubt, and celebration as you go through life. They also allow you opportunities to give, mentor, and to share. Here’s to building new bridges in 2020.

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Supporting business in the Santa Clarita Valley for more than 40 years, the Valley Industry Association is a business-to-business organization working hard to support the growth and success of our member companies.  And we feel the best is yet to come! We continue to forge partnerships with leading area business organizations and are proud to offer quick response to the needs of our membership.  Firmly invested in the vitality of the Santa Clarita Valley, VIA carries a special philosophy:  To move quickly in identifying and satisfying member needs.  VIA works for you!

Thank you for your membership, and if you’re not a member yet, why not?  Ask a member how VIA has helped take them to the next level.  I am confident you will find VIA to be a strategic partner in your business success.

Contact: (661) 294-8088 or by email:  kathy@via.org