The famous philosopher Heraclitus (I didn’t know who he was either) once said, “The Only Constant in Life is Change.” Well, if the last two years has taught us anything, it is exactly that we need to learn to live with change. As we enter 2022, we are facing a world that is starting to return to some form of normalcy, but as that famous quote has taught some things will never go back to normal. That is why we must learn to Pivot to New Possibilities.

VIA’s motto is Advocate. Educate. Innovate. Now, more than ever, we will need to look deeply at these words and apply them to the world we are currently living in. VIA has been a part of our community for 40 years and we want to help you and your business Pivot to New Possibilities.

VIA is here to help through our many programs and events but also, we are here to help you build and cultivate important new relationships that will help your business prosper and grow. If there is a person, business representative, or legislator that you would like to meet, VIA will do everything we can to make that introduction happen, whether it is in person or by email.

Our Board of Directors and CEO/President are always asking the question, “How can we help our members?” but this is where we will ask for some help from you! Remember VIA is YOUR organization and we would love some input on the types of programs and events you would like to see. So please always feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions and again, we are here for you and will be for the next 40 years and beyond.

All the best,

David Cantrell



CEO / President


Supporting business in the Santa Clarita Valley for more than 40 years, the Valley Industry Association is a business-to-business organization working hard to support the growth and success of our member companies.  And we feel the best is yet to come! We continue to forge partnerships with leading area business organizations and are proud to offer quick response to the needs of our membership.  Firmly invested in the vitality of the Santa Clarita Valley, VIA carries a special philosophy:  To move quickly in identifying and satisfying member needs.  VIA works for you!

Thank you for your membership, and if you’re not a member yet, why not?  Ask a member how VIA has helped take them to the next level.  I am confident you will find VIA to be a strategic partner in your business success.

Contact: (661) 294-8088 or by email:  kathy@via.org