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Become a member of VIA and experience an immediate return on your investment. Unlock a myriad of benefits, including invaluable connections, educational opportunities, active community involvement, effective advocacy, up-to-date news, and much more. Your affiliation with VIA is not just an investment; it’s a gateway to a dynamic network that propels your success. Join us today and reap the rewards of a membership that goes beyond expectations.

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Upcoming Events

Prepare to engage in more than just gatherings; our upcoming events are vibrant experiences eagerly awaiting your participation. Forge meaningful connections as you engage with like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. These events go beyond the ordinary, offering a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Join us and make connections that matter!

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Your gateway to invaluable business connections

40+ years of business success and counting

If you’re currently engaged in business activities in Santa Clarita or contemplating a move to this vibrant community, VIA serves as your gateway to invaluable business connections within the Santa Clarita Valley. As a proud member of VIA, you’ll seamlessly integrate into the SCV business community, gaining access to a plethora of business resources.

  • Collaborative engagements with CEOs and business leaders to collectively address common business and community challenges, fostering the development of effective solutions.
  • Abundant networking opportunities with potential customers and vendors, highlighted by our monthly VIA luncheons, VIA After Five events and quarterly open Cocktail and Conversations.
  • Employee training programs offered in collaboration with College of the Canyons’ Employee Training Institute.
  • Exclusive access to vital business information through newsletters and email blasts, keeping you informed on crucial developments.
  • A platform to voice your concerns and opinions in city and state government, influencing regulatory decisions on issues like transportation, business taxes, water allocation, and workman’s compensation.
  • Strategic alliances with business partners and community groups, providing you with a wealth of additional benefits.
Join VIA today and unlock a host of benefits that extend beyond conventional business connections. Your success in Santa Clarita starts with VIA!

Connecting to Success: one day, lasting opportunities.

CTS Leads Everywhere

VIA’s innovative, business-driven simulation delivers a complete career launchpad to students. Whatever their goal, the path starts here.

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